• As a recent graduate from the Foundations of Yoga Therapy program at the Vancouver School of Yoga I feel completely prepared and inspired to pursue my goals. The program is comprehensive and the faculty are passionate about their work which made learning enjoyable. At times my comfort zone was stretched but I always felt supported and this has made a much more confident therapist. I'm excited about about the future and I look forward to the continuation of yoga therapy training at this school. Chelsea is an exceptionally intuitive healer. I feel safe with her and this liberates me to go to places in my pain that I had previously been afraid to explore. She has given me a better understanding of my strengths. I trust her knowledge and would not hesitate to refer people to her services.

    Monique, Yoga Therapy Student
  • Chelsea has made a difference in my life. Her knowledge, philosophy and caring have brought me peacefulness and healing. Her quiet, centered calmness complemented a professional curiosity and practical focus on what might work to alleviate, short or long term, what was causing my discomfort. Her ability to adjust or adapt poses, apply incremental challenges, and to inspire through stories or demonstrations have consistently contributed to a steady improvement in what I am able to do, both in terms of yoga practice and in my daily life. Chelsea has a healing gift, I believe, one that is inspired by her practice and her life goals. It is a combination of spirituality, knowledge and a professional curiosity about her clients and her craft.

    Linda, Yoga Therapy client
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Chelsea Lee, learning how to utilize the RAD Roller equipment and techniques into my yoga practice. I left enthusiastic to incorporate RAD rolling both into my personal yoga practice and with my private clients. Highly recommend this course.

    Lauren, Yoga Instructor
  • Chelsea’s Restorative Yoga class is the most relaxing part of my week. Her calming presence, the restorative poses and her soothing touch allow me to relax and let go of whatever the week has brought. Chelsea is wonderful at making you feel comfortable and modifying poses so you always feel supported physically and emotionally. She has a true talent for healing, comforting and creating a calming environment where you really do have an opportunity to relax and restore your body and mind.

    Natalie, Yoga Student
  • I absolutely LOVED Chelsea's Feet, Ankles & Calves workshop!! So excited for the rest of the Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Series! I really resonate with the way she teaches. This knowledge gave me the connection I need between book study and hands-on immediate body practice; this lets the information really take hold. I feel she hits all the marks in her teaching style and that this is a huge benefit for me in my mind/body awareness/knowledge, which is already increasing my day to day awareness and yoga practice. Thank you Chelsea!!

    Anna, Workshop Participant
  • In 2006, I fell on my back. For 5 years I traveled in a circular maze of doctors, testing and physiotherapists. Regardless, my condition worsened. In 2011, I was finally diagnosed with nerve damage. Two years of treatment in San Francisco, 18 nerve blocks, 500 plus trigger point injections later, I began to see the light of day. Then I hit a plateau. For one year, I remained trapped on a hamster wheel. Though better, I could not sit for longer than one hour without pain taking over my whole being. No one could provide me with a reasonable explanation. By mere coincidence, I discovered Diane Lee and Associates. Chelsea entered and literally changed my life in March 2014. If not for Chelsea, there is no doubt in my mind that I would still be stuck in the healing process and be living daily with debilitating pain. I did not understand, or truly believe, the broad reaching power of yoga and breath. Chelsea changed my thoughts by offering me access to levels of my body and mind that no other health practitioner could reach. I remain dumbfounded by her knowledge and equally, her teaching ability. From day one, Chelsea has sensed my body’s limitations and needs. She gently guides me to a deeper level of movement, breath and mind. Our continued work has shifted me from rigid and protective to fluid and open. I am not stuck. I am almost free. A testimony that speaks for itself. March 2014, I struggled to drive 45 minutes to my first appointment with Chelsea. December 2014, I traveled successfully to Europe. April 2015, after four years of nearly stopping the sport, I expertly skied double black diamond runs three days in a row and felt great. Amazing and almost unbelievable in my opinion. Because of Chelsea, my life is now fuller and richer than I believed possible. Namaste.

    Terry, Yoga Therapy client