Journey through the Chakras Workshop

‘Chakra’ (CHäkrə) means ‘wheel’ and according to the Tantric Yoga tradition, the human body has 7 main Chakras that act as energy vortices. The Chakra System is a map that details the qualities of these energy centers, along with the 5 elements of the body-mind-spirit.

Join Yoga Therapist & Teacher, Chelsea Lee, for a 3 hour exploration into the Chakra System as you move beyond asana and alignment, diving deep into the subtle body.  By cultivating a deeper understanding of your chakras, you are empowered to create balance within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, while learning a new platform for communication.

We will explore:

  • how to recognize excess, deficient & balanced chakras,
  • mudras, mantras, asana & pranayama to balance each chakra, and
  • practical lifestyle choices to balance each chakra.

This workshop will include lecture/discussion and a practice, incorporating asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra, while offering a deeply informative and transformational experience.


I really enjoyed the workshop and the class as well. I’ve been going through a break-up lately and I’d say pretty much all my chakras are imbalanced to some degree or another. I feel much better after the class. I especially liked the hip-openers, the breath of joy and the affirmations. I found it to be an elaborate, multi-faceted and therapeutic workshop.
– past workshop participant

Connect with Chelsea to learn about future offerings of this workshop.