Physio & Yoga Therapy Safari Seminar

Kapama Private Game Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Diane & Chelsea Lee, mother-daughter duo, joined forces for this unforgettable study vacation in South Africa! The days were filled with learning, playing and adventuring both in the classroom and in Kruger National Park. For 7 full days, 18 course participants, Diane, Chelsea & two phenomenal assistants experienced the breathtaking sights of Africa’s Big 5, taking pause in the afternoon to dive deep into the relationship between the pelvis & thorax.  Diane is a world-renowned physiotherapist, and offered her new treatment perspectives on pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis rectus abdominins.  Chelsea then provided a yogic perspective, looking at various postures and techniques that can be used to treat these same issues.  She also provided the energetic perspective, looking into how the physical, mental, and emotional bodies all relate and play off one another.

This ‘study vacation’ was such a success that we are going back for round 2 in July 2017!  This time we will be focusing on head, neck and shoulders.  Registration is already open at Stuvac Seminars.