Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Series

Join Chelsea Lee for this 5-part therapeutic yoga workshop series where you will integrate knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics with various asana. Each workshop will begin with an anatomy lesson, followed by basic postures to intelligently strengthen and lengthen specific muscles to correct imbalances and misalignments, while increasing joint stability and mobility. By deepening your knowledge and awareness of your own body, you are better able to heal and/or prevent injury, while also expanding the experience you have in your body. Attend the entire workshop series, or choose the ones most interesting/applicable to you and your body!
The workshops are broken down as below:

1. Feet, Ankles & Calves

2. Knees

3. Hips & Low Back

4. Thorax (Mid-back & Rib Cage)

5. Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders


  • Single workshop: $35
  • 5-workshop series: $150

All levels welcome. No yoga experience necessary. 

Connect with Chelsea to learn about future offerings of this workshop series.

Testimonial from ‘Feet, Ankles & Calves:’

I absolutely LOVED your workshop!! So excited for the rest of the series!  I really resonate with the way you are teaching. This knowledge gave me the connection I need of book study with hands-on immediate body practice, this lets the information to really take hold.  I feel you are hitting all the marks in your teaching style. I really feel this is a huge benefit for me in my mind/body awareness/knowledge which is already increasing my day to day awareness and yoga practice.  Thank you Chelsea!!  – A.H.

I felt very comfortable in the workshop and have started integrating the techniques into my fitness routine and just being more conscious of my body… You are very approachable – this is so important for people discovering new ways to take care of their mind and body. I appreciate the level of technical information you provided.  – R.S.